La Mer Vineyards 2009 Pinot Noir

I purchased this wine along with a couple of others from my good friends at WTSO (

A lot of the times you are taking a little chance, as some of the wines a smaller vineyards or just wines you haven’t heard about before. However, they do a pretty good job of giving you a run down on the winery and the flavor. You shouldn’t need a lot more than that.

On this occasion I purchased 3 orders of 3 different wines. 2 Pinot Noir’s and a Merlot. The wine pictured turned out to be great!

La Mer Vineyard, 2009 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir. I have been trying to break my wife out of the California Cab vault, and this one might have done it. I popped the cork, poured a couple of glasses and waited for a response.

immediately, I knew I had picked a winner. From the first sip I thought I had tasted green pepper. Maybe so, but after opening up a bit the fruit kicked in with a touch of chocolate. Simply delicious.

The wife doesn’t always hate non-cab’s, in fact in her words “I just find more consistency with them”. I can’t really argue with that. Cheers!


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